Grachtenfestival & Oorkaan present: Masterclass

Become acquainted with the Oorkaan method

On Wednesday, August 14, during workshops, meet & greets and a theatrical concert you will become acquainted with the Oorkaan method: a unique method to create theatrical concerts from and with music and musicians. What does the music say? How do you link action to the music and how do you put the music in the room?


Theatrical concerts

Playing a theatrical concert requires more from musicians than just being able to play an instrument on a professional level. And for directors, working from music requires a different approach than working from a story or theme. Within the research and development department of Oorkaan, musicians, makers, and directors are coached using the Oorkaan method. The method is popular: concerts from Oorkaan play in concert and theater halls around the world.



Are you part of an ensemble, are you a graduating director or creator and do you want to follow a workshop with trainers from Oorkaan? Then sign up now!

The workshop is on Wednesday, August 14 between 10:00 and 15:30 in the Compagnietheater in Amsterdam. After a short introduction by artistic director Caecilia Thunnissen, you can follow various workshops in scene study and theater play. During lunch, there is an opportunity to meet experienced Orkaan musicians. The afternoon concludes with a question and follow-up discussion with all participants, Oorkaan musicians and trainers. In the evening you are invited to come and watch and listen to the performance: Metamorphosis of a female character, performed by singers Viktoria Nikolova and Natalia Rogalski, trumpeter Elisabeth Lusche and pianist Bilyana Grudanska. They won the Oorkaan prize during the Pitches of the GrachtenfestivalWeekend 2019.


This workshop day is intended for Master students of the Dutch conservatories or fourth-year students at the Dutch theater or directors programs. Participation costs are € 35 per person. For that, you not only get extensive workshops but also lunch and a ticket for the evening concert. A maximum of four makers/directors and four ensembles can participate. As an ensemble, it is important that you can play musical material by heart for 3 minutes.


Sign Up

You can register until July, 1st by sending an email to Saskia Driessen: You can also contact her for questions. When registering, state your name, contact details, and a short motivation. Musicians and ensembles should also tell which piece they would like to play during the workshop. You will hear before July 15 whether you have been selected to participate.

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