What is the Grachtenfestival? 
The Grachtenfestival is a classical music festival held every year featuring performances at unique locations in the historic city centre of Amsterdam, and also branching out farther afield to districts such as Amsterdam North, the IJ waterfront and the city's Zuidas business district. For the ten days of the festival, Amsterdam is transformed into a stage for talented young musicians, leading audiences on a journey past unique locations and stirring musical experiences.

When is the Grachtenfestival in 2020? 

The 2020 Grachtenfestival will be held from 7 till 16 August at various in and outdour locations in Amsterdam.

When I google 'Grachtenfestival', I also get hits for 'Grachtenfestival Meppel' and 'Grachtenfestival on the Maas'. Is the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam connected with these organizations? 
No. The Grachtenfestival Meppel and the Grachtenfestival on the Maas are both independent organizations.

Where can if find the most up-to-date information about the Grachtenfestival?

The most up-to-date information about is available via social media sites. You can like us on Facebook, Instagram and follow us on Twitter and find the latest information here.

The Junior Grachtenfestival
What is the Junior Grachtenfestival? 
The Junior Grachtenfestival features special programmes for audiences between the ages of 0 and 12 years old. For small children, the programme includes concerts for babies, tiny tots and toddlers and there will be worskhops for the eldest children. 

What is the programme for the Junior Grachtenfestival? 
The programme for the Junior Grachtenfestival will be announced on and in the Grachtenfestival newspaper. 

Where can I find more information about the Junior Grachtenfestival? 

The Junior Grachtenfestival has its own page on, featuring updates about the Junior Grachtenfestival but also free ticket giveaways and more.

The programme

When will the programme of next year’s Grachtenfestival be announced? 
The programme of the Grachtenfestival will be announced on the Grachtenfestival website. The full programme will be published in the Grachtenfestivalkrant (attachement of the Parool newspaper) which will be published around June. 

Is it possible to be notified when the programme is published on the website? 

If you would like to be notified when the programme is announced, please sign up for our newsletter on the website. You'll receive regular updates about all our activities, about the publication of the festival programme, and about the date on which ticket sales will open on our website and at the Festival offices.

The locations
Why do you keep the locations of the House, Garden and Rooftop Terrace concerts secret until the last moment? 

This is a special concert series hosted in private canal-side homes, spotlighting musicians who in most cases are the winners of national and international competitions. The combination of these two facets has a special place in the Grachtenfestival programme, but ultimately the concert has to come first. By keeping the locations secret for as long as possible, we can ensure your choice of concert will not be influenced by the location. As well, since the location owners have been so generous with their hospitality, we would like to return the favour by minimizing any inconvenience.

I would like to offer my home as a concert location. What should I do?
The Grachtenfestival is always eager to add new locations for its concerts every year. If you would like to offer the use of your home, please get in touch with our organization. Do note that the location must lie within the festival boundaries – that is, roughly within the area of the Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht (between the Amstel river and Haarlemerstraat/Haarlemerdijk), possibly extending towards the Nieuwmarkt vicinity. Please also be aware that the Grachtenfestival cannot compensate owners for the use of their homes.

Are all the locations accessible for wheelchairs? 

Although a large number of the Grachtenfestival locations are easily accessible for wheelchair users, unfortunately this does not apply to all locations. Consult our website to find out which locations are accessible for wheelchair users. This information is also provided under the concert listings.

Ticket sales
When do tickets for the Grachtenfestival go on sale?

We will announce the pre-sale date of the Grachtenfestival 2019 through our social media channels and our news letter. 

Where can I buy tickets? 

Tickets for the Grachtenfestival can be purchased on the Grachtenfestival website ( and at the Festival office between the 9th and 18th of August.

Where is the Festival office located? 

The Festival office is located in the Festival centre at the Compagnietheater, Kloveniersburgwal 50. The office will be open from 3 pm on Friday 9 August. For information about opening times, see our website and the Grachtenfestival newspaper.

Where can I find more information about ticket sales? 

Detailed ticket information will be published on our website. You can also find this information in the Grachtenfestival newspaper.

Can I reserve tickets? 

We regret that we are unable to reserve tickets. 

How can I get tickets for the House, Garden and Rooftop Terrace concerts? 

Tickets for the House, Garden and Rooftop Terrace concerts can be purchased in advance (in other words not only at the Festival office on the day of the concerts). Click here to purchase tickets. The concert locations are kept secret until the morning of the actual concert, and will be announced via text message.

I bought tickets for a concert, but am unable to go. Is it possible to get a refund? 

We regret that we are unable to give ticket refunds. Naturally, you are free to try to sell the tickets yourself.

Who pays for the Grachtenfestival?

Click on 'Partners' in the menu bar on our website to see a list of the sponsors of the Grachtenfestival.

Can I make a private donation to the Grachtenfestival? 

The Grachtenfestival has ANBI status under the Dutch tax laws, meaning it qualifies as an ‘institution for general benefit’. Donations to the Grachtenfestival are therefore tax deductible (subject to the criteria applied by the Dutch Tax Administration). If you would like more information about donating to the Grachtenfestival, click here for details. Alternatively, feel free to contact our office.

The Prinsengracht Concert
What is the Prinsengracht Concert? 

The Prinsengracht Concert is sponsored, organized and produced by the Prinsengracht Concert Foundation, the AVROTROS public broadcasting association and Hotel Pulitzer. The concert is always held on the famed canal pontoon in front of Hotel Pulitzer.

When is the Prinsengracht Concert and at what time does it start?

The concert is on Saturday 17 August 2019. Preliminary programme: 8 p.m. Main programme: 9:20 p.m.

Where is it held?

In front of Hotel Pulitzer, Prinsengracht 315-331, near the Westerkerk.

Can I purchase tickets for the concert?
No, the concert is open to the public. However, do be sure to arrive in plenty of time as it gets very busy!

Who gets to sit in the seats on the pontoon, and can I buy tickets for these seats?
Unfortunately not. Seating on the pontoon is reserved for people who have made the concert possible; that is, for the major sponsors and their business relations. Without their generous support, we would not be able to offer this concert.

Are chairs available for other concert goers? 

If you stand on the quay with your back to Hotel Pulitzer and look to the right, you’ll see chairs provided for people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users. Do note, however, that these chairs are often already occupied by midday, so it is important to arrive in plenty of time. The chairs provided on the opposite side are for people who have helped out with the Grachtenfestival in some way, such as by making their homes available for a concert, as well as for staff members and musicians.

I would like to attend the concert by boat. What should I do? 

The festival area (pontoon in front of Hotel Pulitzer) can be accessed from 11 a.m. on the day of the concert. Stopping and mooring is not permitted before this time as the waterway between the pontoon and the quay must be kept free for tour boats. From 11 a.m. the area can be accessed exclusively from the Westerkerk.