Grachtenfestival Prize

Every year, the GrachtenfestivalPrijs is awarded to a young musician who excels in his or her field through exceptional musical talent. The winner of the prize wins the title of Artist in Residence. Within the residence, the winner of the GrachtenfestivalPrijs will receive a carte blanche to realize his or her musical dreams during the subsequent Grachtenfestival edition. 

The Grachtenfestival Prize fits the Grachtenfestivals mission to present young, talented and classical musicians to a broad audience. These young talents are mostly invited to play for several years in a row, where they are offered a stage which fits their career stage. The Grachtenfestival challenges the musicians to go off the beaten track and supports them in this process. A nomination for the GrachtenfestivalPrijs is an important boost for the careers of the young classical musicians.

Previously, the prize was won by Shin Sihan (violin, 2020), Emmy Storms (violin, 2019), Raoul Steffani (baritone, 2018), Ella van Poucke (cello, 2017), Sophia Simsive (piano, 2016), Mathieu van Bellen (violin, 2015), Rosanne van Sandwijk (mezzo soprano, 2014), Remy van Kesteren (harp, 2013), duo Sax & Stix (saxophone and percussion, 2012), Karin Strobos (mezzo soprano, 2011), Judith van Wanroij (soprano, 2010), duo Izhar Elias and Erik Bosgraaf (guitar en block flute, 2009), Lisa Jacobs (violin, 2008) en Ties Mellema (saxophone, 2007). The Grachtenfestival Prize was invented on behalf of the 10 year anniversary of the festival, in 2007.

The nominees of the Grachtenfestival Prize 2021 were clarinettist Jelmer de Moed (upper-left), pianist Yang Yang Cai (right) en cellist Alexander Warenberg (lower-left). On August 20, during the Night of the Grachtenfestival Prize.