Emmy Storms in Residence: Trio Suleika

Trio Suleika has had a predilection for French music since its establishment. In this programme, the piano trio plays music from the old days and new repertoire combined under the theme of France. 

While Artist in Residence Emmy Storms in her other Grachtenfestival concerts shows that a concert does not necessarily have to consist of a single genre and that classical music can be combined with different types of world music, Trio Suleika shows that a purely classic program is all you would want for. In fact, the influence of folk music on classical composers is not to be missed: the playfulness of Françaix, the melancholy of Olthuis and the rhythm of Ravel. The difference with the other concerts should not be found in the music's genre, but in the performance. Where, for example, Irish folk music usually comes about as naturally as possible and tries to invite the audience to sing along with full chest, Trio Suleika tries to get the listener on pins as quietly as possible, by using three individual instruments to create one personal, enchanting sound and tell a fascinating, layered story.


Trio Suleika