Arend Bruijn

Arend Bruijn is a composer specializing in music for film, theater and concerts. For each project he looks for a unique, musical style to help tell the story and to give depth to the whole. The combination of his classically trained background with a curiosity about new instruments, sounds and technologies enabled him to have a very large sound palette at his disposal and master many musical styles.

After studying classical percussion, he studied Composing for Film at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam and the Dutch Film Academy. Since then he has worked on countless TV series, short films and theater productions. Arend's music for the film 'Ik kan vliegen' was nominated for the BUMA New Talent Award 2018. With two colleagues, he founded the music production company STILL music and developed the course Virtual Orchestration that he teaches at the Masters degree at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam.

In addition, he collaborates with Dominique Vleeshouwers under the name Playground, where they explore the crossover between classical and electronic music.