Areli Cortés Gutiérrez

Ms. Areli Cortés Gutiérrez began piano lessons at the age of 9 with Professor Evelyn

Villegas Aguilar. In 2006, she was accepted to the Escuela Superior de Música at the

National Center for the Arts in Mexico City, where she studied early keyboards with Dr.

Michael Tsalka. In February 2017, she has graduated with the Bachelor´s Degree in

Harpsichord Performance with the highest honors. Currently, she is completing a

Bachelor´s Degree in Piano Performance with Professor Ioulia Vichnevetskaya (to be

completed in the summer of 2018).

Recent performances in Mexico include various cultural events, museums in the city,

churches, and concert halls, among them: Escuela Superior de Música, the Conservatory

Nacional de Música, the Escuela Nacional de Música, Blas Galindo concert hall, and the

Bellas Artes Palace. Tours in other cities in Mexico included: Celaya, Yuriria, Puebla,

Veracruz, Toluca, and Yucatan. In Mexico, she has participated in master classes under

the guidance of Manfredo Kraemer, Laurence Dreyfus, Luca Giardini, Michael Tsalka,

Olivier Briand, Il gardelino, and Pablo Miró Cortéz.

In Europe, she has twice received full fellowships to participate at the Nordic Historic

Keyboard Festival in Kuopio, Finland (2012 and 2014). Ms. Areli Cortés Gutiérrez was

performing at the Kuopio Cultural Center, and studying under the guidance of Joyce

Lindorff, Anna Maria McElwain, Shuann Chai, Frederic Voorn, Guan Changxin, Ulrika

Davidsson, and Michael Tsalka. In 2015, she was invited, under a full scholarship, to

perform at Geelvinck Fortepiano Festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Ms. Cortés played

at Castle Heeswijk, at the Geelvinck Museum in Amsterdam, and at the Amstelraende

concert series, and played in master classes for early keyboards, improvisation, and piano

with Gabriele Toia, Michael Tsalka, Joyce Lindorff and Norberto Broggini.

She founded (and is an active member) the baroque ensemble “Kairós” in Mexico City.

Currently, she is also a member of the baroque ensemble “Antiqva Matropoli”. Professor

Luca Giardini invited the latter ensemble to Italy in November 2017, for a series of

performances and master classes with professors from the Bruno Maderna Conservatory.

Last summer 2018 she finished her Bachelor in Piano at the Escuela Superior de Música

at the National Center for the Arts in Mexico City.

In October 2018 she started the master in Harpsichord with professor Wolfgang Brunner

in Universität Mozarteum Salzburg.

Concerts in 2019 of Areli Cortés Gutiérrez