Grachtenfestival: Pitches

Want to win a concert at the Grachtenfestival 2019? On Saturday, February 9, 12 ensembles within 3 categories competed for the win. The ensemble with the best idea, performance, and play tried to convince the four-man jury and thus win a concert during the coming festival.

Winnaars van de Grachtenfestival Pitch: Viktoria Nikolova, InTrio (YingYing Su) en Paolo Gorini. Foto: Melle Meivogel

The ensembles could pitch for the following categories; festival theme 2019: Treasures of women, special location: Hermitage Amsterdam and NewGrounds, music inspired from different cultures.

Vitoria Nikolova and her ensemble managed to convince the jury with her project Metamorphosis of a female character and won the festival theme pitch. A special festival location for the upcoming edition where musicians could pitch for is the Hermitage, Amsterdam. This pitch was won by Paolo Gorini and his project Sister, your song bears a burden. For NewGrounds, a pitch in which musicians or ensembles could participate who managed to enrich their own style with elements from other musical cultures. Winner of this pitch is InTrio (YingYing Su), who in addition to a concert at the Grachtenfestival also won a concert at the Newlands Festival. Finally, the Oorkaan prize went to Viktoria Nikolova, she received this prize because of the great theatrical power that her pitch radiated. The prize is a three-day master class in the unique Oorkaan method. The result will be presented during a concert at the Grachtenfestival 2019.

The jury consisted of Ab Nieuwdorp artistic advisor Grachtenfestival and presenter at Radio4, Tony Overwater, bassist, composer and artistic advisor Newlands Festival, Caecilia Thunnissen, artistic director Oorkaan and Lestari Scholtes, programmer Grachtenfestival

The winners in each category will win one or more performances during the 22nd edition of the Grachtenfestival that will take place from 9 to 18 August 2019.