Viktoria Nikolova (1991, photo bottom middle) is a Bulgarian, lyric soprano based in The Netherlands. In 2017 she graduates with a Master in Classical singing from the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, as a student of Rita Dams and Maria Acda-Maas. She receives her Bachelor in Classical singing from the New Bulgarian University in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2013.

Viktoria performs in various singing styles, from classical and contemporary to folklore and rock music, both as a soloist and choir member. She seeks collaborations with other disciplines like theater, conceptual performance and installation art. Viktoria performs (inter)nationally and worked a.o. with National Opera and Ballet Sofia, Dutch National Opera, Silbersee, Groot Omroepkoor, Noa Frenkel, Ton Koopman,  Sigvard Klava, Peter Dijkstra, Eva-Maria Westbroek, Elsina Jansen, David Prins, Fiorenza Cossotto, Kenneth Montgomery.

Natalia Rogalski (1973, photo top middle) sings with Polish Folk State Ensemble Slask in 1993, followed by (inter)national tours with Flairck, Eric Vaarzon Morel, Fernando Lameirinhas and Ot Azoj. In 2004 she graduates from De Theaterkade Amsterdam as an actress/theater maker, and in 2007 she wins the Concours de la Chanson audience award. Later, Bulgarian folkore, Victor Jara’s material, ‘80s pop/rock music, vocal ‘instant composing’ and teaching deepen her insights and skills in connected and authentic performing.

Since 2013 Natalia finds new challenges in music theater making; she co-writes, directs and performs in a Victor Jara project together with Adrie Huissoon and Marco Santos. In 2017, she is asked to do the final direction for Viktoria's Master presentation.

Elisabeth Lusche (1994, photo top left) is a trumpet player specializing in the performance of New Music. Originally from Auburn, Alabama, she now lives in The Hague, the Netherlands, where she completes her Master's degree at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague in June 2019.

Under the supervision of Marco Blaauw Elisabeth studies and performs the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen during her Masterspecialisatie aus LICHT program for Holland Festival. In 2017, she earnes her Bachelor of Music in Trumpet Performance from the Northwestern University Bienen School of Music. Elisabeth is a proud alumna of the Chosen Vale International Trumpet Seminar and the Darmstadt Summer Course.

Bilyana Grudanska (1993, photo top right) graduates from the National Music School in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2011. She completes her Bachelor degree as a pianist at Codarts Rotterdam Conservatory in 2017, under the guidance of Jean Bernard Pommier. She participates in master classes with Josef Moog, Elena Ashkenazy, Pavlina Dokovska.

Bilyana performs (inter)nationally as a soloist, with chamber music ensembles and choirs. She works with dancers, stage performers, eurythmists, composers and plays on recordings. She performed a.o. in De Doelen, at Rotterdam Chamber Music Fest, Zeeuwse Concertzaal Middelburg, at Earth and Man National Museum, National Art Gallery and National Palace of Culture in Sofia.


Concerts in 2019 of SamoDivas