Maat Saxphone Quartet

Maat Saxphone Quartet is a young and ambitious ensemble that was founded in 2017 in Amsterdam and Tilburg. The ensemble performed in venues such as Willem Twee Toonzaal in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Cenakel in Tilburg and the "Grande Auditório" of the Coimbra Conservatory in Portugal. The quartet consists of four special musicians, all from Portugal. The motivation of the musicians to form the quartet stemmed from the great desire and passion to make music together.

In 2018 the Maat Saxophone Quartet was the finalist of the Willem Twee Kamermusic Concours in 's-Hertogenbosch. In the same year the quartet won the 1st prize at the "Prémio Jovens Músicos" in Portugal. The four saxophonists all study with Arno Bornkamp at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and are taught as a quartet by both António José Pereira and Bornkamp. They also collaborated with Ties Mellema, Nuno Pinto, Ricardo Silva and Willem van Merwijk. The quartet regularly collaborates with young composers to promote the development of the saxophone quartet repertoire.

The musicians of the Maat Saxophone Quartet have the desire to bring both Portuguese and Dutch music to their audience, striving to make an artistic and cultural connection through the music.

Daniel Ferreira - soprano saxophone
Catarina Gomes - alto saxophone
Pedro Silva - tenor saxophone
Mafalda Oliveira - baritone saxophone