Let's Be Gypsies is an accessible jazz band with their own work, famous pop covers and a good sense of style!
Think of Peaky Blinders, smell cigar smoke, liquor and foul gypsies
wrapped in tight suits.

Let's Be Gypsies is coming in XL format this summer! Lindy Hop dancers and one
Burlesque act (optional) delight the new spectacular show! "A
instant Hot Club feeling ", that's what Let's be Gypsies knows to give!
Where Django Reinhardt explored the limits of existing Gypsy jazz and
extended, Let's Be Gypsies also provides unique arrangements. By the
variation of famous covers in a Gypsy jazz jacket and blowing your own work
they take a breath of fresh air through the Gypsie Jazz while they take you on
journey through the age-old family histories.

Concerts in 2019 of Let's be Gypsies