It is the summer of 2009 when jazz violinist Julia Philippens accidentally gets into conversation with Felix Maginn, frontman of Dutch rockband Moke. He asks her to put together a string quartet to accompany Moke on a theater tour, later that year.

Thereafter, the quartet contributes to the Moke album ‘The Long and Dangerous Sea’. For this occasion, they expand the group with a mix of classical and jazz improvising musicians. This is where the close bond between Julia, violinist Emma and cellist Mascha, first comes to light. Not much later, after a steamy performance at the famous ‘Concertgebouw’ in Amsterdam, the trio establishes FUSE; a Fusion String Ensemble consisting of young, talented musicians who far exceed the boundaries of their musical genres and grands FUSE with its stylish, qualitative and provocative musical character.

FUSE has played several large Dutch venues and festivals such Parkpop, Paradiso, Melkweg, De Uitmarkt and The Hague Jazz Festival and played with artists like
Wouter Hamel, Moke, Benjamin Herman, Live, Marco Borsato, Schradinova and New Cool Collective. FUSE is also featured on various film and television productions, including the soundtrack for Dutch blockbuster movie ‘Gooise Vrouwen’.