Six classicaly trained, enthousiastic, young and charming female singers: that's EVA Vocal Ensemble. The ensemble specializes in a capella music, but also performs with instrumentalists on occassion. EVA was founded in 2014 in Zwolle (the Netherlands), and currently has singers from all over the country. They share a passion for singing in a small group, where every voice has a chance to shine, but in which the focus is always to blend those voices into a balanced harmony.
EVA worked on perfecting this balanced harmony by attending master classes given by the King’s Singers. In order to challenge itself, the ensemble also entered national and international competitions. They participated for example in the Grachtenfestival Conservatorium Concours and the International A Cappella Concours in Leipzig. In this competition EVA sang, among other compositions, the world premiere of “Earth", written especially for them by Arend Gerds.

In addition to EVA Vocal Ensemble's own concerts, we regularly perfom as an intermezzo at other occasions. The ensemble has a few fixed programs, which are always evolving. You can find the outline of these programs on our website. EVA has built a very diverse repertoire ranging from renaissance music to modern compositions. It contains for example Scandinavian folk music, sacred works, songs from the English and German romantic repertoire, cheerful old and spirited new madrigals, and all-time-favourites like "Danny Boy".

The singers of EVA Vocal Ensemble are: Lieke van Oostenbrugge, Janneke Vis, Susanne Weber,  Maike van der Wiel, Marije Wieringa en Raghna Wissink. EVA receives coaching from Harry van Berne.


Concerts in 2018 until 2019 of EVA Vocaal Ensemble

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