Ensemble de Formule is a group of ambitious musicians who combine extraordinary concert experiences with limitless love for music, interplay and wonder. For each performance, an extensive concept is created, based on a thorough analysis of the work and deepening their personal interpretation. By working with artists from a different art discipline, the Formula creates a new, fresh and revealing view of the repertoire for the public. De Formule keeps exploring the world by asking themselves questions and the collective likes to take a closer look to things in an experimental way. De Formule won first prize and pubic prize with an impressing performance at the Grote Kamermuziek Prijs. The ensemble consists of five flexible, successful and young musicians: Laura Lunansky, Coraline Groen, Michiel Wittink, Rogier Tamminga and Rik Kuppen. All of the musicians are busy developing themselves in various ways, in which chamber music is an important cornerstone. They not only play piano quintets but also other possible line-ups, such as string quartet, piano trio, violin, viola and cello sonatas. This provides access to an enormous repertoire and a great variety during performances. The nice thing about a formula is that the ingredients can vary, as long as the composition is correct. De Formule took classes with David Dolan, Francien Schatborn, David Kuyken, Caroline Palmer, Philippe Graffin, Rachel Roberts, Alexander Abajev, Anton Kernjak, Sven Arne Tepl, Borys Fedorov, Johannes Meissl, Anna Fedorova, members of the Talich Quartet, the Eggner Trio and the Wiener Klaviertrio. The members play all five instruments that they have received on loan from the National Musical Instrument Fund.


Concerts in 2020 until 2022 of Ensemble de Formule