Mariana Preda is a Romanian panflute artist based in Amsterdam.She graduated with a MMus from the
Conservatory of Amsterdam.
Mariana works with different ensembles in the contemporary, folk and pop music field promoting new works and
the versatility of the panflute. She performed in many festivals and competitions in Europe and USA.
Juho Myllylä is a recorder player, guitarist, singer and songwriter. He studied recorders at the Conservatory of
Amsterdam, graduating with a MMus.
Juho works with the world-renowned renaissance recorder ensemble The Royal Wind Music.With Ensemble
Gamut!Juho is in constant search for new ways to perform early music. Besides recorder playing he is the guitaristsinger-songwriter for the progressive alternative rock band Burntfield.

www.marianapreda.com/ juhomyllyla.com/

Concerten in 2022 van Duo Mariana Preda & Juho Myllylä