Dividivi3 consists of Rieneke Brink (flute), Paloma de Beer (oboe) and Ilse Eijsink (clarinet). They form a stubborn blazer trio that likes to deviate from the beaten track. They fully enjoy the development and implementation of special musical projects and concerts where they can use all their creative and artistic skills. But they also make something special out of their regular concerts. They compile programs around a theme where they give oral explanations during their performances. In this way, they know better than anyone through humor and enthusiasm to attract and enchant their audience.

In the summer of 2017, Dividivi3 enchanted more than 2000 parents and children at the Parade in The Hague and Amsterdam. There they played with great success their exciting children's play "Like witches witches ...", directed by Annechien Koerselman. They were asked by the Grachtenfestival for special concerts, for example on a canal boat and for babies. The ladies played on NPO Radio 4 several times to promote their concerts and projects. For the Cultuurmenu in the Zaanstreek they will perform no less than 18 times at different primary schools with their show "Like witches witches ...". Commissioned by animation studio Reanimation, they devised and made music for an animation film about a cuckoo that will be screened at KLIK animation festival 2017 in the Eye in Amsterdam.

Dividivi3 mainly plays classical music, but they like to make trips to other music styles, such as tango and jazz. The pieces of music that they select are usually not written for the instruments on which they play. That's why they arrange their music pieces themselves. From a piano piece or a string piece they effortlessly make an arrangement for the windbreaker trio.

Dividivi3 uses all the instruments that they have at their disposal. Not only flute, oboe, and clarinet, but also piccolo, oboe d’amore, althobo and bass clarinet. By using all of these related instruments, they can create many different sound colors. They show, but also show the versatility of their instruments. The althobo and the bass clarinet can fulfill the bass function within the ensemble, considerably increasing their possibilities to play various pieces of music.