Camelot is a fresh green and brand new ensemble in the musical landscape of Celtic music and consists of enthusiastic musicians who have been seen and heard on both folk and classical stages for years. It is therefore not surprising that Camelot makes exciting crossovers between different music styles and produces a surprising new sound. The name Camelot refers to the legendary castle of King Arthur. The place where the Grail Knights at the Round Table were confronted with new challenges, after which they went on an adventure and gained new insights. Like the Grail Knights, Camelot likes to take the listener on a boundless musical journey through time.

Camelot consists of:
Emmy Storms - violin
Jasmijn Rais - violin
Jacqueline Edeling - harmonica/concertina/accordion
Annemarie de Bie - Tin and Low Whistle/guitar/bodhran/vocals
Cynthia Liem - piano
Elliot Muusses - guitar


Concerts in 2020 of Camelot