A pop-up opera theater troupe of professional international singers and musicians, Bang-up! Opera is popping up all over town, taking over theaters, street corners, and you-name-it with fresh and in-your-face productions just steps from the public. Since debuting in July 2012, Bang-up! Opera has quickly gained acclaim as one of the hottest troupes and tickets in town. Already in high demand bringing their own season of “pub” projects (presented at Huset Kunstcafé & Galerij in Gent) to chamber versions of full operas, this troupe is engaging a new audience into the world of opera with every performance, bringing opera to audiences in an accessible way. Nothing conventional, nothing traditional, everything’s possible!

Performers with Bang-up! Opera have come from all over the world, including Belgium, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, UK, Russia, India, Thailand, USA, México, Bolivia, Columbia, & the list keeps growing!

Yvette Loynaz, Artistic DirectorMeet Bang-up! Opera’s Artistic Director, Yvette Loynaz. No stranger to administration, Yvette spent a previous life as the Administrative Director to the Manhattan School of Music Precollege in New York City. Now, an active opera singer and entrepreneur, she’s combined her superpowers of super administrator, executive assistant, teacher, and lyric soprano, to become the Artistic Director and ensemble cast member of a new and inventive opera troupe of her own. As Artistic Director for Bang-up! Opera, Yvette and the Bang-up! Opera team have created a brand of opera that is not only fun and creative, but offers a new experience of opera within a modest budget and unlimited creative funding.

Bang-up! Opera creates opportunities for singers to do what they love with all the artistic and creative freedom they can dream up. Everything from small to full-scale productions are on the way. Each member of the troupe invests and contributes to the creation and execution of Bang-up! Projects. As managing member of this fresh start-up opera troupe, Yvette has taken on many roles for the good of the troupe in areas of marketing, web and print design, musical programming, stage directing, event planning, public relations, as copywriter and editor, just to name a few, and created a brand of opera made for a new generation.



Concerten in 2015 van Bang-up! Opera