Youth Percussion Pool: How to play the triangle

Have you ever wanted to play percussion? Want to be part of a large orchestra? Let's easily start with the Triangle. Easy! .... or not. Take the challenge with the Youth Percussion Pool.

The overarching theme and source of inspiration is the personality and music of Leonard Bernstein. In particular his masterpiece West Side Story. Tatiana Koleva has invited four American composers who have lived in the Netherlands for many years for this program. So from I like to be in America to Geef mij maar Amsterdam. For all composers, the West Side Story by Bernstein has been an important source of inspiration for writing new work for How to Play the Triangle.

The triangle is the metaphor for the underdog situation of foreigners and artists in general and in that context for pushing boundaries, for connection and respect for each other. Migration, adaptation, acceptance; a triangle that evokes questions, surprise and emotions. The scaffold creates strong associations with work in progress, with the future and what can arise. Where scaffolding stands, things are not finished yet, just as the immigrant has to build his own future.



Youth Percussion Pool


Sunday 18 August / 12:30


Station Noord


Free admissions


Duration: 1 uur

Wheelchair friendly