Vieve Brass

Vieve Brass is a brass quintet consisting of 5 young enthusiastic students from the ArtEZ Conservatory in Zwolle. Plays a program about the woman as a character throughout the centuries. The five will play a mix of well-known works, classical works that lean towards pure music and light music.

From a historical point of view, the most important woman in the program is the Queen of Sheba. She went to King Solomon of Israel to praise him and bless his God. King Solomon was so impressed by this that he gave her everything she wanted. After the arrival of the Queen of Sheba, the program continues with the beautiful Quintet of Kamen and the fleeting Scherzo of Cheetham. We continue with Maria from West Side Story. She was 1 of the main characters in the story between 2 rival street gangs Maria and Tony falling in love. Maria, Tonight and I Feel Pretty are on the program. My only real love is the next piece of trumpet player Koen Ross will solo, but it is certain that it will not leave anyone untouched in this beautiful piece about love. Girl With The Flaxen Hair is a beautiful work by Claude Debussy, the work is written on the basis of a poem. It's about a girl where the more can ever come. She has curly golden locks, long eyelashes, red lips and she can sing incredibly beautiful. After this, we continue via Die Bänkelsängerlieder towards the lighter music where successively Killer Tango and La Virgen de la Macarena can be heard. The program continues with Down by the salley gardens. A dreamy Irish folk melody can be heard. Now that we are gradually coming to the end of the program, Puttin 'on the Ritz and Tuba Tiger Rag are now coming with a tuba solo that will be played by Jasper Tuik. Jasper will entertain people with fun and funny work. Subsequently, Vals Peruano can be heard We are even in the South American atmosphere. Finally, Just a little closer, which after a quiet start is a party to listen to!


Vieve Brass


Wednesday 14 August / 20:00


Poeldijkstraat, Westlandgracht


Free admissions


Duration: 1 uur