Opus Novum: Ten Songs of Change

Age-old Chinese philosophy and contemporary European music meet in this performance by author Lulu Wang, composer/pianist Marion von Tilzer and cellist/vocalist Maya Fridman. In music and lyrics, they look for a meeting place between Yijing and quantum mechanics, between old and new, man and woman, but also between east and west.

In the performance, live recited texts by Lulu Wang and music played by Maya Fridman and Marion von Tilzer will be interactively acquired into a poetic kaleidoscope about this 3000-year-old book. It is a personal translation to the current time. With its non-causal basic principle of 0 and 1 in the digital world, Yijing, based on the laws of nature, seems to be just as relevant - or more relevant than ever?

Ten Songs of Change is part of Opus Novum, a new series focusing on old and new work from the Netherlands. The programming consists of five concerts of both classical and jazz music. With the series Opus Novum, the Grachtenfestival not only gives (new) Dutch music a central stage but gives musicians and ensembles who want to delve into this music genre an extra chance to present a special program.


Maya Fridman cello  /  Lulu Wang verteller, tekst  /  Marion von Tilzer piano, composer