Onder de brug: brugkelder 485

A city sounds different in hidden places. Outdoors, sounds and words evaporate. The cellars under the bridges of Amsterdam are like a soundbox. Everything stays for a while before disappearing: Sound, tune, thoughts. As if the cursed goddess Echo is nesting there, copying other men’s sounds and voices.

In this bridge cellar Iris van der Ende sits with her harp, a very resonating music instrument. The music will emphasize the acoustics of the venue with arpeggio, chord and melody. De theatrical music performance Onder de brug had Iris working together with location composer Yvonne Freckmann, which started at the Festival Over het IJ, under the bridge at restaurant Loetje. For a follow-up of this project, Iris and Yvonne sailed the Amsterdam canals by boat to study acoustics under the bridges. They discovered that every bridge has its own sound and they chose for two entirely different bridges. Today on Saturday 11 August you are welcome in the bridge cellar with the descending counterweight for the Oosterdoksbrug.



Iris van der Ende harp, theatermaker  /  Yvonne Freckmann composer  /  Marijn van der Jagt dramaturgy

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