Monument concert: Thomas Dulfer presents Heartbeat

In addition to being a bassoonist, Thomas Dulfer is also a scientist in the field of cardiovascular research. After his exam last year at the Conservatory in The Hague, where he graduated cum laude and with a medal for the best final exam, he also recently completed his Cardiovascular Research Master at the VUmc. Chained to the heart rate monitor, his idea for this solo program Heartbeat was born. With his heartbeat as a guide, Thomas Dulfer takes you on a journey with his bassoon in this performance. Via the very first piece ever written for solo bassoon, he accelerates the pace to the specially written piece Heartbeat by J. Schneeman to return to his own heartbeat in several ways. With a stethoscope and a walking station, you get a glimpse into Thomas' virtuosity as a bassoonist while witnessing the secrets and confessions of his heartbeat.


Thomas Dulfer fagot


Saturday 17 August / 14:00


Rutgers & Posch
Herengracht 466

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