Cununa Ensemble

Cununa ensemble was formed years ago in the Netherlands and its consisting of 5 musicians with different musical backgrounds and nationalities sharing the same passion for music diversity. Mariana Preda (panflute), Gabriel Barbalau (double bass), Dani Luca (cymbalom), Noa Eyl (violin) and Alper Kekec ( percussion) performed on many important international venues and they each stood out for their unique approach of various genres.

The musical program under the same name (Cununa) will lead the audience through a musical journey starting with the roots of folk music on percussion rhythms and modal melodies, going through the classical period rearranged for this instrumentation (panflute, cymbalom, violin, percussion and double bass) and finish with a touch of well-known jazz standards. Each performer will showcase their unique skills and we will all meet in a common and beautiful musical ground just like a wreath (cununa).


Cununa Ensemble


Sunday 18 August / 14:00


Keizersgracht 177

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Duration: 1 uur