Lidy Blijdorp: Journeyers

Folk music and nature are the greatest sources of inspiration for Kate Moore. In addition to the uplifting Italian Tarantella, Lidy plays a piece from this Australian composer specially composed for her. The piece is inspired by the "bellbirds" in the Australian forests.

After the break you'll hear compositions by Kodály, the work that Lidy recorded for her new CD (published by Rubicon Classics). It will be an exciting train journey through Hungary, through various landscapes and ancient villages, full of authentic folk music and traditional gypsy sounds. In this piece Kodály uses all kinds of techniques and the listener will hear other instruments alongside the cello, such as bagpipes, guitar, flute, and cymbal.

Lidy Blijdorp is a young cellist with enormous narrative power. At the Amsterdam Cello Biennale she was praised for her "disconcerting musicality". She obtained her master's degree in Paris with the highest distinction (1ière Prix avec félicitations, 2011). Lidy recently played her Artist Diploma recital at the prestigious Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth, where she studied with Gary Hoffman.


Lidy Blijdorp cello