Kika Sprangers & Pynarello

Saxophonist Kika Sprangers (1994) is writing a composition this year based on the theme of the Grachtenfestival; "Treasures of Women". A unique piece, especially for the Grachtenfestival, that will premiere today.

Kika Sprangers is a welcome guest at the Grachtenfestival. There was no doubt about asking her for the annual composition assignment. Kika touches her audience with her lyrical, melodic playing and characteristic sound. Musically she expresses herself not only in her saxophone playing, but also in her own colorful and compelling compositions in which melancholy and generous harmonies, sometimes accompanied by solid grooves, predominate. It cannot be otherwise that we can expect a string concert from Pynarello, known for their spontaneous and adventurous playing, and the famous drummer Jasper Hulte and pianist Wolfert Brederode.


Kika Sprangers saxofoon  /  Wolfert Brederode piano  /  Jasper van Hulten drums  /  Pynarello


Sunday 11 August / 21:00


De Duif
Prinsengracht 756

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Duration: 1 uur