Church route: Willem Romers Trio

Willem! is the new band formed by percussionist Willem Romers (Coal Harbor, Kika Sprangers), guitarist Jelle Roozenburg (New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, Lucy Woodward) and saxophonist Jesse Schilderink (The Supervisory Board, NJJO).

Three young musicians who reflect their musical background, personal experiences and feelings in making music. Inspired by extremes such as silence and chaos, light and dark, hot and cold, past and present, they look for possibilities and limits.

The colorful improvisations and free interpretations of their compositions ensure that the music is created in the moment. They effortlessly sense what is needed at that moment and can steer the music in any direction.

The interaction within the trio is challenging, energetic and surprising to listen to. Without agreements, they play at the cutting edge. Together with the space, environment and the audience, they ensure that no concert is the same.

The church route

The Kerkjesroute is a wonderful cycling tour through Amsterdam Noord. Along the way you will stop at three picturesque churches for short concerts by SAKS (saxophone quartet), cellist Liesbeth Bosboom and the Willem Romers Trio. The starting point is the Nieuwendammerkerk. There you will receive the route and the entire program of the morning and afternoon. Take your own bike with you!



Willem Romers Trio

also on

  • Saturday 17 Aug 2019 13:00

  • Saturday 17 Aug 2019 14:00


Saturday 17 August / 15:00


Kerk van Ransdorp




Duration: 30 minutes