Junior Grachtenfestival: The Shadow of Light (3+)

The Shadow of Light

How do you tell a story about the heroines of this world? And then also as an opera. Isn't there a primal story in which a young woman is the savior? No macho men, perky princes or dull kings, but just a special girl.

The creator of this performance is struggling with his story and would prefer to crawl under the covers. The pianist is waiting impatiently for anything else to happen. Fortunately, there is also the singer who manages to free the maker from his down cave with a good mind and her wonderful voice. In fragments and phrases, it becomes clear what The Shadow of Light is about: the young heroine Heli has a hard time when she has to compete with Rebos the Shadow Bearer, the man with the biggest and most annoying shadow of all.

Opera Dolleboelja turns it into a crazy place with this musical performance for the whole family. A musical and emotional roller coaster that echoes in your head for a long time.


Opera Dolleboelja