Morning concert: Pianoduo Shermaine Velasco & Florence van der Does

Shermaine Velasco and Florence van der Does have formed a piano duo since the beginning of 2018. Despite their short existence, they have already built up a nice CV. The duo gave concerts on stages such as the Vondelpark Open Air Theater, the Deventer Theater and in the Duif during the Pianoduo Festival Amsterdam. The duo could also be heard in Opium on Radio 4. In the summer of 2018 they took part in the Peter the Great Festival in Groningen, where they received the "Honorary Award for outstanding Musicianship". She also attended various master classes.

During this morning concert the duo played a Mozart sonata in C major. Mozart wrote the sonata in C major for his student Franziska von Jacquin, but eventually dedicated it to the sisters Nanette and Babette Natorp, the daughters of a rich Viennese merchant.

They also play Rachmaninoff, who wrote his composition Six Morceaux opus 11 when he was only 21 years old. Clearly different styles can be heard in this youth work, but even the later Rachmaninoff can be recognized in it.



Saturday 10 August / 10:00



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Duration: 1 uur