Junior Grachtenfestival: De koe van de klucht

From 'De Klucht van de Koe'... (“The cow’s comedy”)

This family show offers a new perspective on the wellknown Bredero story. The cow from the Klucht van de Koe isn’t just a walking piece of meat. In springtime our cow called Moe is hopping merrily through a meadow. Moe the Cow meets Boe the Bull, but he is in another meadow. They dream of a new life together. When Moe is taken away to bo sold to the butcher of the village, Boe is desperate. Maybe his friend, Rogier the Reiger (heron) can help, but how? Who is willing to care about Moe’s fate? Can people really be that cruel?

An opera with magnificent classical music from the past 400 years. There will be singing and citations of poetry in the style of Gerbrand Adriaensz. Bredero.

Made possible by the Coöperatiefonds from Rabobank Amsterdam.


Opera Dolleboelja


Saturday 11 August / 12:00



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Free admissions


Duration: 45 minutes

Age: from 4 years up

Wheelchair friendly

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