Animal life in the Bush (4+)

In the midst of nature, far from everything that smells of people, live three friendly animals: a songbird, a raccoon and a turtle. During the daily game of football, they are suddenly surprised by a heavy rain shower. In their search for a roof over their heads, they end up in all kinds of comic and moving situations.

Dividivi3, consisting of Rieneke Brink (flute), Paloma de Beer (oboe) and Ilse Eijsink (clarinet), take you on a surprising journey from which this headstrong blazers trio will deviate from the beaten track. This trio fully enjoys the development and implementation of special musical projects and concerts where they can use all their creative and artistic skills. Animal life in the Bush is certainly no exception.





Saturday 10 August / 12:00




Free admissions


Duration: 40 minuten

Age: from 4 years up