Ilonka Kolthof & Ralph van Raat

With this unique summer program, piccoloist Ilonka Kolthof and pianist Ralph van Raat set you in motion with music that is primarily from Dutch composers. The young composer Jan-Peter de Graaff wrote Meccanica, especially for this duo. This piece was inspired by the work of visual artist Theo Jansen; "Strandbeesten". Besides this the duo will play Gershwin’s uplifting I Got Rhytm, the way is cleared for a homage to three eventful composers by Allan Segall. Finally, a brand new piccolo sonata by Jan Vriend in which finger swiftness and musical acrobatics reign.

A special program with two absolute top musicians who are currently making a name for themselves both nationally and internationally in the special setting of the Hermitage, Amsterdam. A program that you do not want to miss because it is not possible every day to see these musicians in this setting.


Ilonka Kolthof piccolo  /  Ralph van Raat piano