Grachtenfestival Lanceert: Performing Opera Summer School

Listen to the young talented singers of the Performing Opera Summer School in a varied performance full of highlights from operas of all times and from all over the world.

The Performing Opera Summer School is an intensive workshop program that takes place during the Grachtenfestival, organized by three teachers. David Prins, Elsina Jansen (game) and Wilfred van Peppel (physical acting) and rehearsal Marta Liébana, who all have their own approach. Play and presentation form the backbone. Young opera singers train the essential skills they need to stand on stage independently. In this way, they get to know different ways of working, just like they will encounter in opera practice. You can watch and listen to the singers of Performing Opera in different places during the Grachtenfestival.

The final concert takes place in the atmospheric Uilenburgersjoel.