The Dutch Chamber Music Ensemble

The Dutch Chamber Music Ensemble is presenting a program about women in a special place, namely the International Institute of Social History. In every composition that is played by this completely female ensemble, the woman plays the leading role. The role that the woman plays varies; it is about the woman who sings or who is sung, a sonata in minor for the deceased mother, the woman as a composer and the woman as a muse. Listen to masterpieces by Purcell, Mozart, Clara & Robert Schumann, and Henriëtte Bosmans, among others.

At this location where you can find a treasure house when it comes to the emancipation of women in (Dutch) society. Is this a program that fully comes into its own.

About the location: the International Institute of Social History (IISH)

Founded in 1935, the IISH is one of the world's foremost research institutions in the field of social history. The (sometimes politically sensitive) collections are owned by - or loaned to - the independent IISH Foundation.

Curious about the Institute? Then sign up for a behind the scenes tour. A collection specialist from the IISH will show you around and tell you all about the rich history of this institute. You will enter warehouses that are normally closed to the public and you will see unique documents. What do you think of the archive of Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis, the ANDB (General Dutch Diamond Workers' Association) or correspondence the SPD that was confiscated by the Nazis in WWII and suddenly after a long journey through the former Soviet Union "as if by magic" suddenly literally on the doorstep was from IISH? Original manuscripts by Leon Trotsky and Friedrich Engels Karl Marx, such as the only remaining page of the Manifesto of the Communist Party that is probably the most influential pamphlet in history.

Register: - PLEASE NOTE, there can only be 12 people on the tour, so be quick.


Dutch Chamber Music Ensemble