Grachtenfestival Lanceert: Duo Mong & Duo Samsakta

Two duos pay homage to their homeland: listen to the Tatar Duo Mong, consisting of pianist Aliya Iskhakova and violinist Yulia Gubaydullina and the Indonesian Duo Samsakta consisting of tenor Satriya Krisna and pianist Felix Justin. Both duos received an honorable mention during the Pitches of the Grachtenfestival Weekend in February 2019. The jury was moved by the beautiful sound and image of Duo Samsakta and impressed by the passion and virtuosity of Duo Mong. In the beautiful Concert Hall we listen to compelling music from Tartar composers such as Almaz Monasypov and Milyausha Khayrulina and both modest and festive Indonesian songs. A varied afternoon with the absolute top of young talents!!


Duo Mong  /  Samsakta Duo


Wednesday 14 August / 16:00


Het Concertgemaal
Landsmeerderdijk 213

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Duration: 1 uur