Club Grachtenfestival: NAOS

NAOS is a brand new Rotterdam tango/jazz quartet around bandoneonist Simone van der Weerden. After years of deepening in Argentine tango both at the conservatory and in Buenos Aires, she thought it was time to go her own path with this unique instrument. Her preference for jazz stimulated the combination of tango and jazz. This has led to a completely new project together with three renowned jazz musicians in the bandoneon, piano, double bass, and drums line-ups.

NAOS today brings a very special program that not only consists of tango works but also arrangements of jazz songs. So you go from Tanguedia, to Michelangelo, and from Milonga Gris to The Peacocks and Happy Little Sunbeam.





Saturday 17 August / 21:00


Harbour Club Amsterdam Zuid
Apollolaan 2




Duration: 1 uur

Wheelchair friendly