Club Grachtenfestival: Marcellis & Darieaux

Due to circumstances, this concert has been canceled.

This brand new band is only half human, presenting the positive side of Artificial Intelligence. Marcellis & Darieaux is a live act and art installation in one. Ranging from melancholic, reverberant, slowest of slow music like Slowdive, to raging electronic sequences driven by drums, guitar and synthesizers. All of this is launched live by two forward thinking musicians. Both coming from a background in modern jazz and avant-garde music, Dario Trapani (guitar – Elg Ler, Toy Song, CLOD) and Mark Schilders (drums – Weval, Gregory Porter, Fabrik) discovered a mutual interest in electronic music and technology when playing together in different bands in 2017. After Dario handcrafted an application that can seamlessly translate drums and guitar triggered signals to MIDI and 220-volts language, Marcellis & Darieaux came into existence and the two artists have been working together intensely translating their creative ideas into music and imagery.

Riding the waves of strong melodic songs and stirring improvisations, their interactive light installation involving lightbulbs and visuals show a beautiful togetherness of music and movement, stimulating both eyes and ears. Sounds like Stranger Things, Mac DeMarco, Radiohead & Aphex Twin.


Marcellis & Darieaux


Thursday 15 August / 21:00




Free admissions


Duration: 1 uur