ADAM Quartet

The ADAM Quartet plays Haydn, Vasks and Fischer!

The works from Haydn's opus 20 earned him his name "father of the string quartets". His quartets should therefore not be missing in the repertoire of the ADAM Quartet. The fifth quartet in this opus is in F-minor, a key that originally stands for sadness and despair, but also makes way for optimism in this quartet. That hope is also reflected in the fourth string quartet by the Latvian composer Peteris Vasks, who builds on the craftsmanship of Haydn. The atmospheric quartet develops from scratch. During the work, quiet and intense emotions, lyrical melodies and folk elements alternate. Based on the folk music of Morava, an area in the Czech Republic, Pavel Fischer wrote his first string quartet. The four Amsterdam strings play his last movement, in which the quartet sounds like an accompanying accordion over which virtuoso melodies dance.


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  • Sunday 16 Aug 2020 15:00

    ADAM Quartet (besloten buurtconcert)  / Het Schouw