Artist in Residence 2020: Emmy Storms

"Emmy Storms is an authentic musician with a strong stage character, someone who walks her own way and easily profiles herself in various musical genres," according to the professional jury.


Emmy Storms, Grachtenfestivalweekend, 2020 © Melle Meivogel

Emmy Storms

Emmy Storms (1988) studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague with Jaring Walta and Philippe Graffin, among others. Since 2012, Emmy has been concertmaster of the Ciconia Consort, which is conducted by Dick van Gasteren. Emmy was a prize winner at the National Violin Competition Oskar and Princess Christina Competition, Artist in Residence of the NJO Music Summer 2012 and played the violin concerto of Korngold together with the National Youth Orchestra under the direction of conductor Antony Hermus. Emmy plays in Trio Suleika, which has already received many prizes, the Magma Duo and in the group Caravan.

'Emmy Storms is an authentic musician with a strong stage character, someone who walks her own path. She easily profiles herself in several musical genres.'

Artist in Residence

The winner of the Grachtenfestival prize will receive the coveted title of Artist in Residence. Within this residency, the winner is given the freedom to realize his or her musical dreams during the next edition of the Grachtenfestival. The nomination for the GrachtenfestivalPrijs is an important appreciation for the musicians and with the self-composed concert that they can give during the festival, this nomination is already a prize in itself.

The GrachtenfestivalPrijs fits in with the Grachtenfestival mission to present young, talented musicians to a wide audience. The talents are often invited to play for several years, giving them a stage that matches the stage of their career. The Grachtenfestival challenges the musicians to step outside the beaten track and supports them in this. A nomination for the GrachtenfestivalPrijs is an important boost for their music career of young musicians.

Previous winners of the Grachtenfestival Prize:

Harpist Remy van Kesteren was the first musician honored with a residency in 2014. Remy van Kesteren: "I felt really privileged being awarded a Residency. I had a ball in 2014 as I was able to choose whatever I felt like; it is of great value that a leading institute such as Grachtenfestival offers musicians so much possibility for innovation, now and in the future."

Mezzo-soprano Rosanne van Sandwijk, who's Residency was in 2015: "My take on the Residency was a festival excelling in quantity and quality. All the concerts were magnificent, I met so many kind and talented musicians and I enjoyed every minute of the music, the pressure and the cozy atmosphere that define the Grachtenfestival!"

Violist Mathieu van Bellen in 2016: “I really enjoyed my Residency in 2016. Having visited many concerts myself the previous years I felt so privileged to be on various stages myself at the Grachtenfestival. Playing for the audience with my fellow musicians, who also became my friends, is an unforgettable experience.”

Pianist Sophiko Simsive in 2017: “My Residency at the Grachtenfestival was a real milestone in my career. Especially since it perfectly combines with my biggest ambition: sharing the music I love with the audience. Thanks to winning the GrachtenfestivalPrijs I was given every opportunity do so.”